8 Simple Rules to Realst8

So you have decided to buy or sell a home!

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in what is an exciting, rewarding, and at times, nerve racking experience.

Naturally you rush to your computer and find yourself inundated with the amount of information on the web.

You may begin to feel overwhelmed, and even a little anxious, as the purchase and sale of real property requires prudent legal attention.

For many of us, our home represents our greatest personal investment, so you want to be sure you do not jeopardize the transaction with poor representation.

Well here is the good news! You need not worry. I'm here for you!

To set your mind at ease I have distilled the 8 most important things you should know about buying or selling Realst8.

So sit back, relax, and follow these 8 simple rules:

1) By far the most important rule of Realst8, whether buying or selling, is to find yourself a reputable brokerage with hard working sales representatives. As luck may have it, you don't have to look very far! It would be my honour and pleasure to serve you!

When buying...

2) Define your requirements. What are you looking for? 2-storey, bungalow, back-split. Upgraded kitchen, 3 car garage, deep lot? Don't forget location, location, location? Be specific. The very best way to know what you want is to write it down. Why don't we draft up a Buyer Representation Agreement and you can let me know what your heart desires!

3) Prioritize your requirements. What items on your list are considered a "must have" v.s. a "nice to have". No matter what you are looking for I will work hard to find you a home that best meets your needs. However, be ready to make some trade offs. For example, you may have to forgo a finished basement to land that home you always wanted in your ideal location.

4) Get pre-approved! Know what you can afford. Despite the amount the bank says you can carry, be sure to set aside some funds for land transfer tax, property tax, adjustments, and other incidental closing costs. If you are looking for a great interest rate on your mortgage, I can help you with that as well! Check out my handy Realst8 Tools to get an idea of what you need to consider.

When selling...

5) Do you want to know the secret that every Realst8 agent is aware of? Well here it is. There is always a buyer for your home. That buyer is out there right now looking for a home just like yours at the right price. Ever wonder why private listings sit on the market for so long? Often times those trying to sell privately don't know the appropriate listing price for their home. Remember, it's not what you want to get for your home, its what others are willing to pay for it. That's a hard fact. With that said, allow me to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis and we can determine your property's full listing potential!

6) Qualify your buyer. Who is really interested in purchasing your home? Another reason why private listings see little action is because they get a lot of "tire kickers" and very few interested buyers. By working with other agents I ensure you that those who come to see your home are actually in the market to buy, and not just the nosy neighbours down the block who want to check out your interior decor.

7) Your home is your sanctuary, so showcase it as such. Declutter as best you can and remove any fixtures that you don't intend to include in the sale. As the old saying goes, less really is more. Give your humble abode a good cleaning and make those simple inexpensive repairs. When your home is orderly and well maintained, it becomes more attractive to potential buyers. The more your home shines, the faster it will sell. I have a time-honoured 21 Point Checklist that will make sure your home is ready for the market.


8) Don't hesit8 call 416-REALST8 (that's 416-732-5788). I'm here to help. All the other tips on the web are well and good, but you don't have to worry, leave the rest to me. I promise, you are in good hands. My priority is to protect and promote your best interests and I sincerely look forward to working for you!

Eric De Paolis
Sales Representative
Sutton West Realty Inc., Brokerage*
*Independently Owned & Operated